Secure Borders

Whether it is the pandemic or terrorists, we face numerous foreign threats. Jo Rae Perkins supports securing our borders to keep us safe. We secure our homes, property, vehicles. Why are the borders of our country left unsecured? Jo Rae welcomes legal immigrants.

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Concerned Oregonian

According to the Cato Institute, a think tank which promotes free markets and limited government, undocumented immigrants commit crimes at lower rates than native-born Americans. Based on the wording of Perkins’ statement entitled “Immigration,” one could get the impression that undocumented immigrants are more prone to crime, which, according to the Cato Institute, is incorrect. I hope the wording of this statement is clarified to correct the confusion that might result from this factual inconsistency.

Source: https://www.cato.org/publications/immigration-research-policy-brief/criminal-immigrants-2017-their-numbers-demographics

    Jo Rae Perkins

    If a person enters your home without permission, have they entered illegally? And if they enter illegally, have they committed a crime?
    Whether that is a misdemeanor or a felony is up to the courts. The United States is my home country and is sovereign. Therefore, entering outside of the laws of legal entrance into my Home country, has one violated a law? And if so, is that an illegal action? Whether civil or criminal again, that is up to the courts to make that decision.

    Another Concerned Oregonian

    Every illegal alien has broken the law (at least once by entering illegally) and committed a crime. If we had no illegals we would have less crime (considering the subtraction of all the crimes committed by illegals) and less crime is good. We have a very generous legal immigration path in this citizen’s opinion. Let them use it. Every gang member illegal is a danger to U.S. citizens. It doesn’t matter on the CATO Institute tries to present it. These are irrefutable facts.

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