Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management is best done by those whose livelihood is in that industry. Arable farmland, forests, grasslands, fisheries and water. Jo Rae Perkins will work to remove federal management of our natural resources so those who know their own region and land can best manage it!

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David Mork

What are your thoughts on “Right to work” laws, and organized labor?

    Jo Rae Perkins

    Hi David, Thank you for the question. I am not a fan of forced union membership.


I see the high fire danger being Largely due to the Current clear cut & monoculture practices. Loggers have been treating the forest like tree farms ~ and these super dense monocrops of Doug fir that are all the same age are Very vulnerable to fire. How do you propose we better manage forests? And how do we balance the needs of the resource industries with those of the tourism industry?

    Jo Rae Perkins

    There is evidence properly managed forests do not have the same level of catastrophic fires as the federally and state managed forests do.
    Trees are a renewable resource and they actually have a limited life span. Younger trees sequester many more pollutants than older trees.
    To balance the needs of the resources industry with those of tourism all comes back to proper land management.
    If we continue with the current practices, the forests will continue to burn hotter and longer putting out massive amounts of illness causing pollutants. In addition the average wildfire kills an estimated 200 forest dwelling wildlife per acre. Deer, black bear, mountain lions, various birds, snakes, et cetra.
    Logging sequesters the pollutants captured within the trees, creates jobs, keeps the forests healthier, provides healthy spaces for wildlife and helps younger trees grow stronger. Properly managed, the trees help scrub the atmosphere of pollutants while providing oxygen for humans and animals.
    Tourism: When the forests are properly maintained, they are safer for people to go exploring and enjoying what God created.
    Thank you for your comments and questions.
    Jo Rae Perkins

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