Perkins Condemns Biden’s Leadership on Collapse of Afghanistan

Albany, OR . . . Today Jo Rae Perkins, Republican Candidate for the United States Senate, condemned President Joe Biden for the disastrous withdrawal policy that has led to the collapse of Afghanistan and the return of the Taliban to power. 

“President Biden’s decision to rapidly withdraw our troops has led to the collapse of Afghanistan.  He has squandered our military’s decades of work and their lives sacrificed.  Due to his failed leadership, there is now no hope for stability in Afghanistan.  There is no doubt that Biden is incapable of leading our country on foreign policy and militarily,” said Perkins. 

Perkins noted that Biden withdrew the troops so recklessly that now our military equipment is falling into the Taliban’s hand and paving the way for the return of Al-Qaeda.

“The Taliban will be back in power by the 20th anniversary on 9/11.  Burning our embassy on that painful day will be a national embarrassment to our nation,” said Perkins.  “We have left countless souls to be taken by the Taliban in retribution.  Our country’s credibility has been severely damaged.  In less than 7 months, Biden has surpassed Jimmy Carter as the worst President in our nation’s history.”

Perkins is concerned that China has announced that they will recognize the Taliban, giving China a major foothold in the region, further eroding America’s influence internationally.

Click here to view PDF of full press release.

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