Perkins: Congress Should Be Demanding Answers on Afghanistan

Albany, OR . . . Today Jo Rae Perkins, Republican Candidate for the United States Senate, called for immediate Congressional hearings on the collapse of Afghanistan. 

“President Biden is not being truthful on what is happening in Afghanistan.  The pictures coming out of the country do not match what Biden is telling us at press conferences.  It is time to get some answers.  That’s why I am calling on Congress to hold hearings immediately,” said Perkins.

“Why were civilians not evacuated first?  Why do we have to resend in troops?  Why was military assets left behind for the Taliban?  How many Americans are stranded?  Why is the Taliban tweeting?  Why isn’t our Senator upset with the Biden administration’s complete failure?” asked Perkins.

“Now more than ever we need strong leadership in the Senate.  There needs to be a clear message sent to President Biden that no American is to be left behind.  While I know that the President is saying he will get the Americans out, there is absolutely no reason to believe him.  They should have never been left behind in the first place,” said Perkins.


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