Perkins: We don’t leave Americans Behind!

Albany, OR . . . Today, Jo Rae Perkins, Republican Candidate for the United States Senate, asked where’s the leadership in Washington.  Perkins strongly believes that we don’t leave Americans in the hands of terrorists.

“Where’s the leadership?  President Biden blames the stranded Americans, and he doesn’t even know how many of our people are left behind.  Our U.S. Senator, Ron Wyden, is holding a town hall meeting with only screened questions.  Don’t the people have a right to ask their Senator a question?!  Enough of the politics,” said Perkins.  “As the next U.S. Senator, I will never allow an administration to abandon our people and I certainly would not be hiding on the issue.  As a Senator, you answer to the people.”

“Today, I am asking our Senator to join me in calling for an immediate evacuation of our people and our service dogs.  I am also asking the Senator to have the courage to take unscreened questions.  It might help him know how Oregonians truly feel,” said Perkins.

“It is time for accountability,” said Perkins.

Click here for PDF of full press release.

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