Perkins Opposes Payouts for Illegal Immigrants

Albany, OR . . . Today, Jo Rae Perkins, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, expressed deep disappointment that President Joe Biden is considering paying illegal immigrants $450,000 per person for being separated at the border.  

“We should not be giving away taxpayer money to people who illegally broke into our country,” said Perkins.  “What sort of message does this send?  Disregard our borders and you win the lottery.  That’s insane.”

The Wall Street Journal has exposed that the U.S. Department of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health & Human Services are considering paying $450,000 per person to illegal immigrant families who were separated at the border. That means, a family of three, that illegally entered our country could receive over $1 million from U.S. taxpayers.  

“Does Senator Wyden agree with this policy of using the tax dollars of hardworking Americans to pay “illegals”?  He needs to let the taxpayers of Oregon know where he stands on this crazy idea being proposed by his choice for President,” said Perkins. 

“Our country is $28 trillion in debt and each taxpayer owes $226,000 for the debt.  Now Biden wants to hand out $1 million to illegal families.  It is outrageous.  This is taxpayer abuse!

Click here to view PDF of full press release.

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