Education not Radicalization for our Children

As a mother and grandmother, Jo Rae Perkins will work to push politics out of our classrooms. She supports stopping the teaching of Critical Race Theory and Gender Identity; such issues are designed to further divide us.

Jo Rae supports school choice and the right of Parents to be involved. She believes your tax dollars for education must follow the student.

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Kathy Walsh

I was wondering what you think about school choice or vouchers?
Thank you, Kathy Walsh

    Jo Rae Perkins

    HI Kathy,
    Thank you for asking. I support school choice.

    For Oregon, For America
    For Such A Time As This,

    Jo Rae perkins


State law needs to changed to require STIFF penalties for teaching CRT, or LGBTQ/gender propaganda. Minimum 5 years in prison for first offense. Males identifying as females should not be allowed to compete against biological females, and they should not be allowed to use female facilities (restrooms, lockers, showers). If commercial fitness businesses want to allow that, fine, but not in a public school; and no, that does not mean the trans male gets money to use a commercial fitness business.

Common core math needs to go away ASAP. Go back to teaching in the traditional ways that worked at least 100% better than the new methods.

Lots more I’m sure. Might consider requiring uniforms for all K-12 schools. PE should be required too, and they should have wood and auto shop classes etc – probably computer technology classes as well.

    Jo Rae Perkins

    This is a state issue, not a federal issue.

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