Election Integrity

We must insist our elections are free from fraud, cyber-hacking, soft-ware manipulation,100% safe and secure. No voting by non-U.S. Citizens.

Jo Rae has been working with various Election Integrity groups to ensure your vote is counted as you intended.

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On election integrity, your statement is barely even a good start; it’s weak. In addition to the things you listed you need to add:

1- all ballots must be received by election day and counted on election night
2- no electronic voting of any kind shall be allowed in Oregon
3- every ballot drop box shall have redundant security cameras recording 24/7, and/or shall be monitored by poll watchers (one from each party) from the moment it is ready to accept ballots – both parties shall verify that the box is empty prior to accepting any ballots.
4- every ballot envelope shall have the signature verified by poll watchers of both major parties (at a minimum), plus have an Oregon ID number (driver license or state ID number) written on the envelope.
5- ballots shall be counted by an optical reader that counts the darkened ovals on the paper ballot. The ballots shall be recounted on election night in each precinct BEFORE reporting the total to the state or federal government. They shall be recounted until 2 counts come out exactly the same. Only then may the totals be divulged.
6- ballot harvesting shall not be allowed
7- the ballot counting machines shall be tested for accuracy on election night. Each major party shall provide a stack of, say, 10,000 marked “test” ballots for which each party knows the count. They shall be run thru the machine to verify the machine is counting correctly.
8- the counting machines shall not be connected to the internet
9- ballots shall be watched 24/7 by poll watchers from all major parties simultaneously. Backup watchers shall be used if the main watcher needs a break.
10- motor voter registration shall be stopped. All motor-voter voting registrations shall be purged and those voters will show up at the election office to register
11- voter registration shall only be allowed at the election office, online registration shall not be allowed.
12- no voter shall register to vote who has not reached the age of 18 (this should be raised to age 26 due to immaturity issues)
13- voter registration information shall be private and shall not be a public record
14- political candidates shall not be able to buy lists of voters – voter records are off-limits
15- any person who entered the USA illegally shall never be allowed a pathway to citizenship and voting – no exceptions
16- persons born inside the USA to non-citizens shall not be US citizens, if they are born to someone who entered illegally they shall never get the right to vote in any election
17- purging of voter rolls shall occur every year, prior to the primary election, and again prior to the general election.
18- mail-in ballots shall only be given to those who can show that they can’t vote in person. This may require a state holiday, possibly even 2 days, to allow people to vote.
19- voters shall show up at the election precinct, get a ballot and mark it with a dark pen using the fill-in-the-oval method
20- vote counting shall continue with no breaks on election night until every ballot is counted.
21- ballots that mysteriously appear, and/or which were not properly supervised, shall be discarded.

Those are just off the top of my head. You’ve got a lot of work to do.

Good luck.

    Jo Rae Perkins

    I would love to address every point you have.
    I will be putting on the website several petition recommendations which I believe will answer the majority of your concerns.
    Keep in mind the Federal government does not have a leagal say in how the elections are conducted.
    I support ending vote by mail, machine counting.
    I support voter ID
    I support a state holiday for the primary and a national holiday for the general election
    I support ending Oregon’s motor voter registration.
    I support ending ballot harvesting in Oregon, where it is legal. Going back to voting in person takes care of the ballot harvesting issues.
    When I have more time, most likely late tonight, I will address the remainder of your concerns.

Matty Dee

Election security is very important. I do disagree with your stance on mail in voting as I drop off my ballot at my local library in the secure ballot box every election. (My vote has always been correctly counted and when I did have an issue once several years ago I received a call AND a visit from election officials to confirm. I was impressed!) I do like the idea of a voting holiday. Any thoughts on ranked choice voting?

Did your stance on election security evolve out of the circumstances surrounding the last election? Do you think that Donald Trump won the last election?

Thank you for your time. Have a wonderful evening and best of luck in the primary.

    Jo Rae Perkins

    Ranked choice voting is not good, unless it is party by party. If open, then in a state like Oregon, we would end up with 2 Ds.
    You do not know if your vote was correctly counted, there is no way to know that information. When the ballot is run through the machine, your identity is not on it. You only know if your ballot was received and signature on the envelope accepted.

    RE Election Integrity: I personally saw votes vanish in Nov 2020. I have the data and as soon as I saw it, I contacted the Oregon Secretary of State office. In the U.S. Senate race, we all lost votes. I lost 6,979 votes. The number of precincts counted went from 722 to 698. That was on November 19th, 16 days after the election date. The reply from the SOS data employee was, “That is the information we received from the counties.” Odd, then what was the data they had received previously? The next day, Nov. 20, I recouped around 2,069 votes. Number of precincts counted was 726. Oddly, at that time there were 1333 precincts in Oregon… I sent an email to every county and asked them how many precincts do they have with zero registered voters. One county replied, they have one precinct with no voters. So what happened to the other 725 precincts?
    There have been questions for years in Oregon.
    Steven Trout former SOS Elections Director, wrote in a letter, in part: “While Trout touted strong partnerships with federal agencies in addressing threats and disinformation in Oregon elections, he said the elections division has been denied resources. He laid out 12 specific upgrades he’d requested for state election systems that had not been funded — projects such as a replacement for the state’s ORESTAR website, security upgrades and fixing dozens of bugs within elections systems.

    “Some of our election systems are running on Windows Server 2008,” Trout wrote. “End-of-life mainstream support from Microsoft ended back on January 13, 2015, and all support ended on January 14, 2020. Our public facing websites are single threaded through one power supply on the capitol mall and one internet connection. There is no redundancy or resiliency or plan to provide either.”’ source https://www.opb.org/article/2020/11/09/oregon-elections-director-resigns-after-penning-a-blistering-memo/

    The voter rolls are not cleaned up and in January, all the inactive voters were reactivated. Why?

    Do I think Donald Trump won? There is evidence the MSM will not report. They are not going to report it as long as they can avoid it. 2000 Mules has some very compelling information. And there is much more than that. I will be sharing additional information from Dr. Frank in the near future.

John Richardson

I am a Republican voter but if you are going down the ‘election integrity’ route, claiming, falsely the 2020 election was somehow erroneous despite zero evidence being presented, then I am going to have to sit this election out or vote Democratic, unfortunately. I’m not happy with the results of previous elections but democracy means you don’t always get your way. This is the issue I’m voting on. Present better policies. Don’t claim there’s voter fraud when there isn’t.

    Jo Rae Perkins

    Please prove there was nothing to be concerned about. If in 2016 the democrats said there was an issue. In 2020 the republicans said there was an issue, I propose, there just may be an issue.
    But there is evidence. And the evidence grows on a regular basis and the MSM is highly unlikely to report it.

    Jo Rae

      John Richardson

      Joe Rae, that’s not how it works. You don’t make a ridiculous claim and then say it’s true unless proven false. It’s been proven false over and over and over in court, by Trump-appointed judges. You’ve bought into a lie. Republicans used to be the party of personal responsibility but now they sound like sad little whinny children, snowflakes if you will. The Republicans won a ton of seats last election but lost the Presidency. You think Democrats cheated but only cheated for Biden? I don’t agree with a lot of the Dem’s policies but at least they don’t follow a cult led by the Mango-in-Chief. Dems never claimed Trump didn’t get 270 electoral votes. At least I know now who to vote for this coming election. Jo Rae, again, present good policy, stop with the childish claims. It’s sad.

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