Endorsed by Lars Larson

"Jo Rae has shown herself to be a solid conservative, with the right
mindset geared toward leading the state back toward a focus on morality
and family values, and smart economic growth instead ofjust pushing
one subsidized green-policy after another like Wyden has done for more
than the past 2 dozen years."

 Endorsed by:

Captain Seth Keshel of Texas

Dwight & Susan Hammond, Burns, OR

Rick Johns, Bend

Donald Plumb, Lake Oswego

Jim & Nancy Reese, Grants Pass

Sheirll Edwards, Coos Bay

Leslie Weimer, Hermiston

David Brown, Salem

Justin Cherrington, Salem

William Adams, Klamath Falls

Becky Badger, Scio

Margie Crawford, Wallowa

Michelle & Kevin Hagle, Sweet Home

Stanley & Mae Huston, Culver

Lawrence Lear, Condon

Nita Lowry, Brownsville

Bonnie White, Albany

Mary Ann Brandon, Warrenton

Karen Austin, Oregon Business Owner



Informed Voter Guide: 5 Star Rating (click here to see)

IVoterGuide: Rated most conservative: (click here to see)

Oregon Firearms Federation PAC: B+ rating, the highest rating given to a candidate who has not yet held public office. (click here to see)



Jo Rae was previously endorsed by:

Oregon Right to Life PAC
Representative Mike Nearman, House District 23
Alek Skarlatos, Candidate for District 4, Oregon
Jack Esp, Candidate for House District 21

“After 27 years of being a voting citizen, under the “D” party, I changed my voter registration today to “R”. What a momentous day. Never imagined I’d change my party affiliation. But two+ years of grotesque and maddening and ineffective policies by leftist liberals and I’ve absolutely had it. This country - which I love and am so proud and grateful to be a citizen of - has gone and lost its dang mind, so it seems. We are on a highway to hell if we don’t change what we’re doing - and change who represents us as citizens.

As I perused the voter guide, your candidate statement caught my attention and convinced me to vote for you. Two main reasons - you want children to stop being radicalized and you are against the atrocious, unscientific, and ineffective vaccine and mask mandates we’ve been subjected to. AMEN! (Of course, I support everything else you listed, but no other candidate forcefully and plainly stated their intention to fight these issues on behalf of Oregonians).

Best of luck to you, and God bless you. Thank you for standing up for freedom and for the basic human rights that God has endowed upon us.”

- Kristin

"New to Oregon, my mother and I joined the local Republican Committee, attending their meetings.  We wanted to be familiar with the local issues and the person who received our vote.  This is when we met Jo Rae Perkins.  We were looking for a candidate who is proactive and not just reactive.  We wanted a candidate who is honest, has close family and community ties; someone who is confident and knowledgeable.  I could go on and on but suffice it to say that attending these meetings we felt we found the perfect Oregon Senator in Jo Rae.  Please listen to me and to Jo Rae - and you will find yourself voting for her also.  Vote, vote, vote!"

-Suzanne, Brownsville, OR