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Jo Rae explains why she did not answer the Life question in the 2022 Oregon Family Council Statewide Voters' guide for the May 17 primary.

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"You deserve a U.S. Senator in DC, who stands tall for their country and will deliver on their word; A “Main Street American” just like you. I am a hard-working, hard-hitting Oregonian with Heartland Values and I take my vows very, very seriously. I pledge to honor my Oath of Office and keep all of my promises."

Jo Rae Perkins


Economic Prosperity not Inflation

The Federal Reserve Board controls the economy, interest rates, manipula- tion and the flow of money, causing in- flation and deflation. Jo Rae Perkins will insist the Treasury takes charge according to the U.S. Constitution. She will vote against raising the debt ceiling, will vote to ‘End the Fed.’

Medical Freedom

What you choose to put in or on your body or your children’s body is up to you. Government at all levels, NGOs, businesses, and schools have no right to mandate what you put in or on your body. Mandates are not lawful. Jo Rae Perkins supports your right to...

Preserve Constitutional Rights

No one should be silenced or have their rights trampled. Jo Rae Perkins will fight for your Constitutional rights. She will honor her Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution for the United States of America, against all enemies foreign and domestic!

Term Limits for Congress

The Framers of the U.S. Constitution did not support Career politicians. They knew those who served too long were subject to corruption. Jo Rae Perkins has signed the Term Limits Pledge! Her vision is no more than 12 years of service, combined between both Houses of Congress.

Election Integrity

We must insist our elections are free from fraud, cyber-hacking, soft-ware manipulation,100% safe and secure. No voting by non-U.S. Citizens. Jo Rae has been working with various Election Integrity groups to ensure your vote is counted as you intended.

Education not Radicalization for our Children

As a mother and grandmother, Jo Rae Perkins will work to push politics out of our classrooms. She supports stopping the teaching of Critical Race Theory and Gender Identity; such issues are designed to further divide us. Jo Rae supports school choice and the right of Parents to be involved....

Public Safety First

We cannot live our lives if our streets are not safe. The Number One Duty of the government is to protect the people. She supports local, state and federal law enforcement officers that uphold the U.S. Constitution and Oregon’s Constitution. Jo Rae will make public safety a top priority.

Life and Human Trafficking

Jo Rae Perkins is 100% Pro-Life. Life begins at conception and should end naturally, not at the hands of the ’medical community’. Jo Rae will work to end Human Trafficking.
Life and Human Trafficking

Secure Borders

Whether it is the pandemic or terrorists, we face numerous foreign threats. Jo Rae Perkins supports securing our borders to keep us safe. We secure our homes, property, vehicles. Why are the borders of our country left unsecured? Jo Rae welcomes legal immigrants.
Secure Borders

Toll Roads

Toll Roads: I will pressure the Department of Transportation to not allow tolling on Federal Roads. You already pay for the maintenance of all federal highways and freeways, through federal gas taxes.
Toll Roads
My Promise

Before I vote on a bill, my team and I will read it. To consider a yes vote, the bill must agree with the following:

1. It is clearly within the powers listed in Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution.
2. The bill is free from pork barrel spending and/or other non-related issues.
3. The bill is fiscally and socially conservative.
4. I will work to reduce regulations, make laws and bills understandable, concise, precise, and single issue.